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GPS marries attention to detail with out-of-the-box thinking

  • Market Analysis

  • Brand Strategy Review and Development

  • Process Assessment and Improvement

  • Big, Insightful Ideas that Drive Business

Services: Services
Analysing the Numbers

Market Analysis

We take a contrarian view of generally accepted market trends. This helps our Clients avoid being the followers in the market and take advantage of market gaps their competitors overlook.


Brand Strategy Review and Development

GPS examines how you arrived at this point. Is your strategy differentiated - or just a legacy? Are you targeting the right audience? If yes, are your programs on strategy and on target? Did you choose the right case studies to inform your marketing?

Brand Strategy

Process Assessment and Improvement

Marketing is a process but too often that process is shortchanged, minimizing the value of your team's creativity and effort. We evaluate your current process from setting actionable objectives to igniting the big ideas that result in better sales and more loyal customers.

Business Meeting

Big Insightful Ideas that Drive Business

GPS delivers more than analysis and process improvement. Our commitment is to make specific contributions at every point along your marketing value chain. And to bring you the smart ideas your Board will applaud.

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